• Clinical interview


    • The emotional climate of a whole day's work is set in the first interviews.

    • Learn how to identify your own emotions "listening" to your own tone, pitch and manner of speech.

    • Listening is predicting what will be said and being surprised when it does not match.

    • Empathy, in contrast to the sympathy of friendships, maintains an emotional distance from the patient's suffering to enable better and fairer decisions.

    • Patients do not have any obligation to be the good patients that practitioners want.

    • We must know our tolerance to 'uncertainty' (critical strain), and the pressure that patients sometimes put us under ('to heal me!'), to give ourselves more time and not to prematurely finish the consultation.

Autor/es: Francesc Borrell i Carrió. Traducido por Dra. Elena Barquero Bardon y Dra. Heather Beaumont
Fecha: 05-04-2016
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    Clinical interview